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I'm looking for software to catalogue photographs by keywords in a searchable database. There will be multiple keywords per photo.

One photo may have the following keywords: Jim, Joe, Allen Mary, Larry, Jim Kent, public park, waterfall, mercenary, training, grenade.

All photos in the database will have multiple keywords. This database will need to be searchable in several ways.

Example, I may want to see a listing of all photos that have the following words associated with them: training + waterfall but only where they appear together in the same set of keywords for the same photo.

And I may want to be able to search for and list all photos that have training + waterfall but exclude the photos that have public park and mercenary as keywords.

I may want to search for either/or training or waterfall but not see ones that contain both

As you can see, I want a a rather sophistaced search capability as opposed to a simple one.
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