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Smart Bulb Flickering Only on Some Colors

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The title says it all! There is a smart bulb, "Bedroom Overhead 2", which recently started flickering, but only on some colors. For now, I ended up shutting off the switch, but it can't stay that way forever. Do I need to replace the bulb, or would that make the problem be wiring? Do I need another bulb to test whether changing the bulb helps or not? I can also confirm that the Internet on the light bulb is working just fine, as it responds (when the switch is on), to every one of my commands - also unless the method I'm trying to use for commands has a network or hardware problem. Please help me determine whether I need to have my wiring checked or not, and also to have another bulb in there or not.
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It is unlikely to be the wiring. Can you try another location, preferably on another circuit, or maybe at a neighbor's or a friend's house?
Yes I can, try in another location. But I guess in that case, first I'll get another bulb for it. Then I'll try another location, at the very least. But I might as well replace the bulb in that case. If it continues to have issues, then maybe I'll troubleshoot further.
Going to take awhile to ship the bulb to me, but I'll try to check in and tell what happened.
Yes, please keep us posted.
So... Checking to see if it's better. I have a replacement light bulb, I was working on. However, before I could use it, for the "real thing", I noticed that the problem is better so far, when I flipped my bedroom overhead lights back on. So it was a network problem, even though it was responding to all my commands??? Anyway, I'll give it time to see if anything happens.

By the way, falls can happen to anyone. I'm not prone to falling. But when I was setting it up, my foot fell asleep and wouldn't wake up. I needed to stand to wake it up. But I found out, I couldn't stand! I fell over, but didn't hurt myself, and since my foot was asleep, I had a hard time getting up or reaching my phone for help. I did it, but it could've been worse. I was NOT hurt bad enough to worry. That was weird! I could have always screamed for help at alexa or even google home, and help could have came. Don't know about 911, but I could get help from somewhere. I'll be darned!
It was doing it again when i got home. Should i replace, or no.
The bulb flickering is unlikely to be either a network or wiring issue. I cannot say with 100% certainty, but it sure seems like it is the bulb itself.
Yes, now that I know more about it, that's what I was leaning towards. I'll decide whether to live with it or not for now. Thanks!
You are welcome. Good luck!
One more question, please. I don't think I should open a new thread for just this, since it's related. I decided to live with it for now, especially, since two are now flickering. I shouldn't try to make them perfect all the time, just acceptable.

HOWEVER, I tried to look up the same light bulbs, and can't find them. I can find bulbs from amazon under 9W, instead of the 7W before, which was the brand. I think the 9W, is refferring to the wattage. The other probably reffers to that too, but I really believe, since there's no other branding, that it reffers to the brand.

So they use the app Magic Home Pro, by default, it's what they are designed for. My question then, is can light bulbs designed for Magic Hue, use Magic Home Pro? Or do they have to use Magic Hue. I want to make sure the replacement bulbs, have all the same features. It's ok, if they have more, but they need at least those. However, again, I don't want to pay for "premium" light bulbs, that do a lot, even if they are really great, but I don't want them burning out fast either, like the yelllow, I forgot what brand. That's why I liked the ones I got, and if it uses that app, I'm pretty sure that most will be reliable. They need to also have compatibility with alexa, and home assistant down the road. I believe that most things that use magic home pro, can use alexa. I'm pretty sure that the 9W kind will be reliable, but I'd prefer to just use magic home pro, instead of that other app, unless I get more features. Also, if I use another app, I want it to be able to continue to work side by side.

If they're reliable, I could go with the cheap ones on aliexpress, this time. I have one left over. But when I tried it, it seemed a bit less noisier, though it did go on faster, and off, as well as change colors. The noise, I'm used to, even though it's barely audiable. The noise the first bulbs make, is: a) What I'd expect from any bulb. b) Helps me relax more, due to autism.

I would think that the 9W bulbs, have the same sound. So I'm leaning towards the other lights. If not, I guess I can live without it. But the cheap ones, work with more buttons out of the box, so I might want to go with that ecosystem?

It works side by side, and the bulbs have alexa compatibility. I guess I don't need same for the buttons, they're not a replacement for my flic buttons.

If none of those, have home assistant compatibility, it's fine for now. I will migrate to home assistant, a piece at a time, if I can, even if I have to buy a bunch of stuff first, or undo home assistant, and return to alexa. I made up my mind, that I will only use google home compatibilty, when I have to, because it's only compatible with it, and not alexa.

I am using them side by side though, alexa and google home. But if it's compatible with both, I choose alexa, as it gets me better features. I didn't always know this was best...

Can you answer this real quick? Unless the answer is long and contrived, or DOES belong on another thread. If it's long, or otherwise belongs on another thread, just tell me. But it's really just the same problem, deciding "when" I replace my light bulbs, which one to replace them with. For now though, I'll wait until they are either way too annoying to ever use, or totally burnt out, or otherwise, not working at all for what I need. I'm still guessing that if it's only two, and the one started after the one, then it IS the bulbs. If I cared, replacing the bulbs is the way to find out now.

I should note, that I really don't want to change them more than neccessary, because even though I can always fill out a form for an adaption, if it's really needed for them, I can't put them in (save my lamps), by myself. They just screw in to the socket, which is no problem. The problem is the globes. I thought I knew enough, and I DO NOT. Plus some I can't really reach. So it takes the equivalent of a work order, maitenence, whenever I need to change the light bulb. So I have to be as sure as I can be, that the bulbs will work for awhile, save just learning about them.

I have them, because those, in combination with my alarm and my cat, allows me to wake up everyday, instead of oversleeping every day, and then get out the door if I need to. My cat, just has to be himself for his job. The rest is machines, not "roommates". I'm thinking of replacing my alarm system with a better one, but that's second priority. Thanks!
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I'm afraid I have no experience with these type of bulbs, so I really cannot give you a definitive answer to your questions. Unless you can find someone who has used the exact make/model bulb, it may just come down to trial and error experimentation.

Perhaps someone else will chime in with suggestions ...
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