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Hello everybody,

I'm hoping that someone can help me speed up my slow ADSL connection. It used to be fast but now it's quite slow (I tested this using a test file from my ISP, which consistently dowloads at about 1/8th the expected speed).
What happened in between? Well, I set up a wireless router and connected my pc to it, so I'm guessing that that is the cause. I don't know how to fix it, though. Do you? :confused:

Some facts:
-My computer is NOT connected to the LAN with a wireless adapter, but with a wire running into the router.
-The router is a Sitecom WL-521.
-I'm running Windows 2000 SP4.
-My modem is NOT switched on 24/7, only when my PC is on (only a few hours per day). Same goes for the router.
-I have no viruses or malware, nor do I experience system problems or problems using internet (except for the connection speed, obviously). I use Firefox for most of my browsing.
-I'm running Tiny Personal Firewall.
-An online port scan revealed that it's not possible to just hack into my system.
-I switched on WEP encryption on my router to ward off evil wireless hackers ;) but the connection speed did not improve.

Can anyone think of a reason why my connection could be slow, and how can I check if that is indeed the reason?

Thanks a million for all your help, :D


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Tweak Tester II ran successfully. When it asked for my connection speed in kbit/s I said 800 (ISP advertises 100-200 Kilobyte/s).

Incidentally, I also found a recommendation to switch off my firewall (my wireless router comes with a built-in firewall) but it did not speed up my connection.

Hoping this helps,


Here's the Tweak Tester result:

1. Your Tweakable Settings:
Receive Window (RWIN): 16666
Window Scaling: off
Path MTU Discovery: OFF
RFC1323 Window Scaling: OFF
RFC1323 Time Stamping: OFF
Selective Acks: ON
MSS requested: 1282
TTL: unknown
TTL remaining: 115

Notes and recommendations:
Change MTU to 1500 (FAQ #652, #695)
RWIN is in range
download/use DRTCP .. (FAQ #578)
Read the tweak FAQ

2. Test 146000 byte download
Actual data bytes sent: 146000
Actual data packets: 114
Max packet sent (MTU): 1322
Max packet recd (MTU): 1322
Retransmitted data packets: 0
sacks you sent: 0
pushed data pkts: 17
data transmit time: 12.123 secs
our max idletime: 564.6 ms
transfer rate: 10452 bytes/sec
transfer rate: 83 kbits/sec
This is not a speed test!
transfer efficiency: 100%

Notes and recommendations:
Good data stream (no/few rexmits)

3. ICMP (ping) check
Target unpingable

Notes and recommendations:
Become pingable
if you need basic packet loss tests done
Check tweak FAQ

linskyjack said:
Run this test on DSLReports and get back to us with the results.

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Hello all,

You cal stop looking -- I fixed the problem myself, simply by updating the firmware of my router. Now happily surfing at regular DSL speeds!

Thanks for all your assistance,

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