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skipping video in all games

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If I play a game, like Morrowind, painkiller, etc..ANY game, whenever a cutscene comes in, and a video plays, it skips to holy heck...
I'm using the game disk in my DVD drive, as opposed to my cd burner drive.

my specs are

Windows XP Service pack 1
Ge Force3 Ti 500
AMD XP 1800+
768 mb sd ram
sound blaster value
Pioneer DVD rom drive
buslink cd/rw 52x32x52.
Can someone explain why this skipping happens?
Thanks in advance
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What happens when you put the game in the CD drive?
same thing..skips...
I don't really know what to do to fix this...
I don't know if its a video driver, or what..
Its irritating me, because I'd like to see the cutscenes of the games..
What kind of skipping is, does it skip during the entire cutscene, or just at the beginning of it?
Through the whole scene. It'll play for a second, then pause, then play, then pause. Both my dvd and cdrw drive are fairly new, I just got em both maybe a month ago.. do you have the drives connected, which ones are master, and which are slave?
The cd burner is the master, and the dvd is the slave.
Your video card is a tad dated as I used to use a Ti4200 about a year ago and I had those problems.
I had a ge force 4 installed, but I got the ge force 3 for nothing, so I decided to check it out. I still have the 4, but even with the 4, I still had these problems. A friend suggested that the cd has anti-piracy something or other, and its trying to access the video though it. Whatever that means.
Still those are fairly new games try lowering the video settings and/or buy a geforce 4 card or Radeon card with at least 128mb of VMem
video settings are already at their lowest settings..
Ugh, if I have to buy one more thing for this comp, I'm gonna throw it out the window..
If anything, the game would perform poorly during the game, rather than the cutscenes, as cutscenes are premade, and don't depend much on the video card. Run a spyware/adware check, and redownload video codecs.
Did a spyware check, and downloaded the codecs, still, the same thing.
When i had the Ti4200 i was playing JediKnight2 Outcast and the game ran fine on low but the cutscenes were impossible to play practically. I dont see why the video card wouldnt have much to with it since it has to render those premade but still needing to be buffered and rendered movies in game. Processing power could also be a perdicament things tend to get skippy when the processor is being over worked
I did an update of my video codecs, but I'm not sure how to do an upate/rollback of my audio codecs. I have quite a few audio codecs installed..
Which ones do I need, and which ones don't I need?

Microsoft ADPCM Audio Codec
Microsoft CCITT G.711 audio CODEC
Microsoft GSM 6.10 audio CODEC
DSP Group TrueSpeech(TM) Audio CODEC
DivX v4.2 WMA Audio Codec
Sipro Lab Telecom Audio codec
Divx WMA Audio Compressor
Voxware Compression Toolkit
Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec
Indeo audio software
Ogg Vorbis Audio CODEC
Windows Media Audio

there seems to be alot of stuff here, I'm clueless as to what I need and what I don't.
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I just swapped out my 768 mb of SDRam for 512 mb of DDR 400.
Nothing, still skips.

I don't know what to do now.
try adjusting your virtual memory to a value 1.5 times your ram (upper and lower limit the same value).

you might also try to adjust your CD-ROM cache size.
ok, I adjusted the v-mem, and still, I get the skips. I had one cinematic scene in painkiller that didn't skip..but all the rest are skipping away.
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