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Sims2 headache!!

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Hello all
I am having problems with my sims 2 dvd edition I use to play this game all the time no problems.I deleted the game and after some time reinstalled it and since I have had no happiness.I can play the game (most times)for about an hourthen the graphics become unstable and I get colour streams across the screen.and the game freezes.I cant see this being a video card issue cause I play alot of other games and with the exception of simcity 4(same behaviour) they all work fine.I added some ram and went from 512 to 767meg and this helped with my simcity4 issues but not sims 2.My directx are all up to date( 9.0c)
but have reinstalled all the drivers just the same(for direct x and video card) My comp specs are as follows:Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-7vtxh+ , CPU Amd athlon xp 1800 (1533mgz) Video - Nvidia geoforce 5500 256 meg 4x agp Operating system-xp home edition sp2
ram 767 pc2100 ddr Hard drives 80 gig and 40 gig both 50%free a cr-rw rom drive and a dvd rom drive.Please help!!!:(
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Hey try and run this and see what it recommends :

I think you might be a bit low on the video card , my sister plays the Sims2 every now and then and used to have an ATI X300SE which didn't run it that good either , the SIMS2 is a very demanding game.
Video cards can actually be pretty misleading if you look at the memory , some have 512 MB of memory but it's interface is only 128MB and that's with a lot of cards they make the memory look good and you think wow im getting a great deal , always look at the interface how many bits and the core and clock speeds.

Video cards for under the $200 bucks is what you're looking for , that's a good pricerange i will recommend you some :

The X1650PRO

Theres also the Nvidia 6800XT , 7600GS , Ati X1600PRO and they will all run the SIMS2.

The X1600PRO
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