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Simple Copy and Paste photo in new layer? (photoshop)

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I want to copy and paste an image to another on adobe photoshop. I dropped the original photo, then tried to paste another on top of it but it doesn't allow me to. I know I'm missing something simple so I would really appreciate some help! Thanks...
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I open both in PS ... select the source layer(s) you want to move ....
And drag n drop to the target with the move tool.
Be sure to drag to image, not layers pallette. Hold shift if you want it to perfectly align.

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Maybe a simpler way .... (only one image open in PS) ...
Select the layer you want to insert (Paste) the image above ....
select the other image, then Drag n Drop it to the target PS image.
This will insert as a smart image .. (only linked back to the image)
It may need to be rasterized to be included in the PS file and edited.
In addition of the advice you were given previously, and if you haven't figured it out already, you may want to try this.
If the main image is locked, you may want to unlock it, especially if the main image is in indexed mode, it just wont let you.

You can unlock a locked image by double clicking and clicking OK on the popup you get or if that image is in indexed mode change mode to e.g. RGB to unlock it, then you can drop anything onto it.

Jaw Screenshot Carnivore Font Terrestrial animal

The gif above is of main image dropped in indexed mode, and twice tried to drop the speech bubble, then after it fails, just switched mode and voila, its easier for non indexed mode pictures for sure.

And smile, Photoshop has a way of making you go bananas, but, everything has its way.

Hope this helps.
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