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Should I try to replace my internal speakers myself?

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Dell 5547 laptop - I think the speakers were blown when a bulb on an attached Smartboard blew - never had sound since, and computer says no installed audio devices. Believe me I have tried everything regarding drivers and all that. They are either blown or disconnected somehow.

I have the new speakers, but when I watch a Dell tutorial it scares me to death to do all that myself. If it's just step by step, should I just assume to go exactly backwards in putting everything back together?

Here is the video - I would have to watch it on my phone as I went...

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Hi and welcome to TSG.

That's a good video, if you take your time and follow it you should be fine.

For re-assembly make sure the cables are fully inserted into the sockets before you push the locking clips down flat, they should be hinged upwards to start with. Basically you do follow the video but in reverse.

As a check though can you try headphones to see if they work ?
computer says no installed audio devices.
This leads me to believe the problem is not the speaker; the problem is the audio chip.
The suggestion to try ear buds is a good one. If the ear buds do not work, the problem is NOT the speaker.
I did try ear buds and I could hear a very faint like static, but no sound from anything I tried to play like a video.
I would tend to think you fried the audio chip rather than the speaker. The audio is part of the motherboard.
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