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Should felons be allowed to vote?

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I believe it is of vital importance that felons be allowed to vote. If a person is subjected to the laws, he/she should have a right to have as much input in the making of the laws as can be afforded.

Our laws do not do enough at this time to afford equal and adaquate defenses in criminal trails. A poor person gets a court appointed attorney, the attorney is appointed by the judge. The defense attorney and prosecutor attorney along with the judge choose the jury. Therefore, if the judge is biased and has reason, the defense attorney, and jury can be slanted toward the prosecutors side. Furthermore, the judge allots the time in which a defense attorney can be allowed to speak, effectively weakening the defense. In the state of Texas, it is common for the judge to allot 30 minutes time for the defense in a death penalty crime. Rights, and the defense of rights, are for those who can afford them.

it was once one of the basic precepts of our system of justice that it is better to free 10 guilty men than to allow one innocent man to rot in jail.
If innocents are inprisoned, what rights to change the system that prosecuted them do they have?
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Whether or not you want the laws is not an effective arguement to remove voting privilege.

Lanmaster, do you believe that justice prevails, or just that perceived justice is accomplished.

ComputerFix, if robbing Circle K is what the majority wants legalized, then that's what should be legalized, it's called democracy..

Although I am not a felon, I do have compassion for them. Especially the ones like the man in California who served 12 years in prison due to false allegations from two teenage girls. Should such people have the right to try to change laws through voting so that others don't suffer the same fate?
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