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Sharing and permissions: Why can't I change Workgroup?

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Hi all,

I have a handfull of PC on my home network, all W2K Pro.
I need to set up one of these (PC-1) to be able to access a drive/partition on another of these (PC-2). This drive should be accessible to PC-1 only.

The two PCs in question both log in as Administrator, and the accounts have the same password (actually, apart from computer name, the installs are identical).
The network is as standard as you can get, and working fine on one workgroup named W1.

On PC-2: I create a New Share for the drive, go to Permissions, the click Add for permissions and get the Select Users or Groups dialog.
This first line on this is the Look In selector for for computers in the workgroup, and it is greyed out.

At stages (ie. under earlier installs), I have been able to change this drop-down selection. To the best of my knowledge, I have not changed anything and the installs are as identical as can be.

I have gotten around this issue by simply giving access to user Network, but this obviously gives access to all PCs on the network, not ideal and I would rather avoid this.

What am I missing? Shouldn't this drop-down selector let me select PC-1 on, then the user from that machine, simple as that?

Please help me if possible, before I tear my hairs out!

Thank you and all the best...
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You might be right, as I have tried everything I can think about, though my reason for pursuing this is that I have seen it work, like I said, and I have never set up as part of a domain, so I know it can be done... somehow...
Hm, I wonder if my explanation has led to some misunderstanding or maybe I am misunderstanding your reply?

When granting access, I am only doing it on the computer that has the share.
I do the following:

1. Right-click on the drive to share, then choose Sharing.
2. Click on New Share.
3. Name the share and click the Permissions button.
4. Permissions For.... dialog box, I click Add.
5. Now I am in Select Users or Groups dialog box.
The first line here is the Look in drop down box, where I should be able to choose the computer. The window below will still hold the 'global' groups (NETWORK, Everyone etc.), though following that should be the users of the other machine, listing that with that other machine name in the In Folder tab.

So far, I have only been on the machine with the share, and this is what I have done before.

What I might suspect is that somehow I have to set up a user on the other machine (the accessing machine) though I don't know how to do that. Anyway, that's just a guess on my behalf, to be honest.

Apologies if this is what you meant and I misunderstood your answer.

Once again, thank you for you time!

Take care...
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Thanks Bob, sorry about the added post below. Your answer came as I was typing my message. I will give it a go and let you know how it turns out.

Thanks both for the time taken. I would be lost (and without hair or humour in me) without!
Just one additional question, if I may...?

Any idea as to why I could, in the past on similar installs, use that drop-down selector to select the other PC in the workgroup?
Ah, but then we might be onto something...?
When I did have the functionality of changing the drop-down box to the other pc, what I did see in the list below was that other pc's accounts.
Thus is was possible to change the access permissions for a user on that other pc, and since they both signed in as Administrator, same password, I just chose that account, alas no prompt for user or pwd.
But I guess from what you are saying, this still doesn't make sense?!
Unless you have any other ideas, I will put it down to a one off (well, a three off, really), but if it happens again, I will post back...

Thanks again.
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