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settingup a wireless lan

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I would like to ask for the steps to set up a wireless LAN.

I want to share my printer and files among my three computers in the house.

I have bought a wireless router got myself an ISP, installed and adapter on each computer (except my laptop)

I am using aztech hardware for my router and adapters. all three computers are running on windows XP SP2, with Comodo firewall running.

the problems come when I want to get them interact with each other how do I come to that?. I tried the windows wizard to set up a home wireless network but it didn't work out.

what should I do?
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I am using aztech dsl 600ew router with aaztech wireless adapter (USB) wl230

I do have a problem probably with signal (my poor guess)

my house is two storey. my router is downstairs and one of my comp is upstairs the signal is low but I get decent speed.
there are times when I can never find connectivity (it shows not connected on my taskbar).

I'll just loose my connection in a sudden and even after hours, I still can't find the signal.

to regain the connectivity, I have to disable and enable my connection again. and with luck the internet connection returns.

this only happens with this particular computer though as other computers are downstairs. would this be one of the reasons to my failure in setting up the LAN?
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It seems that I have been through the steps stated by the Microsoft website. Initially, I can access the internet (with ignorance to the post above) but not other computers
LOL... that's a good one. nope it has a hole at the bottom...:D

my room is air conditioned, should I try to bring up my wireless router? to my room and give it a try?
or should I go out and get a homeplug? I saw the ad for a homeplug by Aztech when I bought my router.
thank you terry net.
how do I know which of my computer is the residential gateway? what is a residential gateway by the way. sorry for the dumb question.
I am still trouble shooting the problem.

new computer
I can see them but I can't touch them. in the workgroup window.
every time I click on their computer to view what's inside I get an error message saying that I don't have permission to access them.

my laptop can't view anything except for itself

old computer
can't view anything but itself waited for some time.

all computers are set to access a residential gateway and not the one being accessed in the networking wizard. (the first question in the wizard)
I go by the workgroup of tan. all are set correctly.
I did not configure the comodo firewall though because I don't know how. hope to get more information to that. my router do not have a firewall as claimed by the sales person it doesn't have a hardware firewall.

my signal problem is solved. many thanks to both of you.
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I just found out something stranger.

I can still see my laptop even though it's off. after I click on refresh that is. yet I still can't access it
Sorry for the long reply. there has been some problems with my ISP due to earthquake in Taiwan.

I would be glad to know how to configure my firewall to allow the network through. how do I do that?
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