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Any of you folks up to a small challange?

I have been asked to set up a remote office in Asia. The office will be will be communicating via email, fax, chat and file transfers to 2 other offices in Asia and to the US. They will also be communicating directly with clients in the US at times so we need to look as if they are in the US.

The system must have the following elements:

- Highly secure
- Easy to use for the onsite operators (server can be complex as net manager will be onsite)
- IP records need to show originating in North America, preferably in the USA
- Switching proxies on a regular basis, preferably on the gateway machine
- All passing through one dialup connection. If possible, load balance and share 2 dialups.
- Network should automatically reconfigure if dialup service (dns's) changes.
- We have mail servers and websites set up in the US to pass mail through but most mail programs attach the local IP of the mail sender

I can, and would prefer, to install a server onsite to manage and host the following:
- Mail server
- Chat server
- VPN (software and then later hardware)
- Firewall
- Router
- File sharing and transfer
- Encryption of data

Any ability to remotely manage the server would be of great advantage.

A secure way for thick headed, non geek managers to "manage" their passwords would be a huge benefit. One complaint in initial discussions was that they have to remember different passwords for each application. Yes, that?s called a security feature!!! Duh

Faxing is currently being handled via eFax. Unless there is a very strong case to change, I would like to stay with this service for internal political reasons.

Hiring an outside service to pass the data is not going to be an option as it is seen as a risk.

The budget is pretty wide open but has to be justifiable.

Any of you guys been through this and can offer some guidance? I'm not sure how to repay anyone who can offer some grand ideas but I'm open to suggestions ;)
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