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I have win98se,IE6sp,yahoo dsl.I have been using IE three days ago it stpped working every time i click on, I get an error(server could not be found or dns error.I reinstalled IE but didn't help.when i use yahoo browser there is no problem.Since i prefer IE,I would like to get it back.I went on google to see if i can find this error but people are talking about something call ( " SYPTOMS: When you attempt to connect through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to an Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 Web site with Certificate Services 2.0 installed, the following error message may be returned to the browser:

The Page Cannot Be Displayed . . . Cannot Find Server or DNS Error

CAUSE: The Certificate Services 2.0 Root Certificate Authority Certificate is bound to IIS as a Server Certificate. During the installation of Certificate Services 2.0, a Root Certificate Authority Certificate is generated for the server. This certificate is used by Certificate Services only.

RESOLUTION: Use the Server Certificate Wizard in IIS to remove the current certificate. Generate a new request by performing the steps in the following Knowledge Base article: 228821

I went through several of these thread but got more confused
Is there a simple way of doing it?
Would it be possible to reinstall software to correct this problem because i am frustrated with it
Please help
I don't have 98 software cd but there is a folder in my c drive which has all the drivers and related files.
Can i use these to reinstall win 98se?


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Hi and welcome. Since it was only 3 days ago, try booting to a dos prompt and type

and hit enter.

Is there a date prior to the problem, but NOT TOO FAR BACK, and NOT the very oldest.
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