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First of all, I would like to say I would appreciate it if no one tells me, "You should just get two NIC cards and network that way." Everytime I've asked questions about this sort of thing, that's what people tell me, but as I have said before, I have spent over $50 just to find out there is a conflict between my modem and the three different ethernet cards I purchased (tried to find one that worked). So I've already invested to much money and way to much time to try that on these computers anytime soon.

Now that that's out of the way, here is my problem. I purchased a Null Modem Cable, I've got it going between the computers, and I know it works. I can play games over it just fine, but when I run the Comomunications Direct Cable Connection program that comes with Windows, I can never get the two computers connected.

What I have is this:

Computer 1
OS: Windows ME
Com port cable is connected to: Com 1

Computer 2
OS: Windows 98
Com port cable is connected to: Com 2

Both computers only have on Com port, so I'm not sure why Computer 2 only has Com 2.

Now, when I run the DCC program, I set up one computer as the host on it's correct Com port, and the other computer as the guest on it's correct Com port; I tell the host computer to Listen and the other to Connect. The DCC that is set up as Host says "Verifying username and password..." while the Guest DCC always says "Trying to connect..." and asks if both computers are hooked up or not. I don't have a password set up so I am not really sure why it tries verify the username or password; and I am not really sure why the guest computer never ever recognizes that there's a connection when there obviously is one.

Can anyone help me get them connected and a small network set up?

Thank you,

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