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Selecting earbuds to buy for 50$ or less

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I skype on my phone a lot and I want earbuds that meet the following requirements. I've done some research but I'm scared of making poor decisions and felt the need to ask for suggestions
  • Comfortability. I've had skullcandys in the past as well as apple earbuds. Both fit fine if that tells you anything about my earshape. I want to be able to lay sideways on a pillow and the earbud still feel okay.
  • Microphone. I make calls as I said, so I need for them to be able to hear me. I don't care for remote controls.
  • Durability. For 50$ they should last at least a year or so. Warranty is good, but I don't much care as long as they're good quality.
  • Hearing myself speak. I want to be able to hear myself somewhat. When they're super extra noise cancely I can't hear how I sound real well while I'm calling. This isn't super important but I thought I'd add it.
My experience:

I've had good and bad skullcandy experiences. One pair lasted a very long time, another died very quickly and left me a little upset.

I've had apple earbuds that lasted a year, but they eventually died after a year of good use. The pair I bought after that only last a month or so (very upsetting)

I sleep with my earbuds in. I use them constantly, but I don't want 100$ earbuds when I don't even know that I'll like the feel.

Right now I'm looking at the Brainwavz S0 as my top choice. Thanks so much for helping me in my search
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