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Secunia Software Inspector & Secunia PSE

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I currently use Secunia Software Inspector which does not need to be downloaded to my computer to use. They also encourage upgrading to Secunia PSI. What is the difference between the 2 versions other that the second is downloaded to my computer and the first is not. Thank you.
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I can see one advantage to the downloaded version, Secunia PSI. (Quoted from the program "Settings" tab, which I have installed) The "settings" feature allows you to:

"Show only "Easy-to-Patch" programs. This setting will automatically remove programs from your interface, which Secunia's staff has marked as being difficult to patch.

When enabled, this setting allows non-technical users to patch the easiest programs on their systems, while leaving the more difficult programs for a more technical user.

The philosophy is: It is better to patch just one program, than none at all.

If you have the technical knowledge to handle more difficult programs, then we strongly recommend that you disable this setting.

Start the Secunia PSI on boot. When enabled, the Secunia PSI will automatically notify you when programs change their security state, thus potentially requiring your attention.

Enable program monitoring. When enabled, the Secunia PSI will continuously monitor new program installations and removals. It will notify you about these changes if the above setting ("Start the Secunia PSI on boot") is enabled."

When started on boot, a small icon resides in the system notification tray, and the program is actively accomplishing all of the above. You may still run the same scan that the online version accomplishes.

The downloaded and installed Secunia PSI also maintains a running record of what it has done.

Hope this answers your question.
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