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Secuirty Privilege Error

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I am working at a new company and this was my first day. I was told to find a way to fix this just by searching through forums and such to see if anyone else had a problem similar.


Everyone on the network has begun to recieve error messages that they do not have "suffcient security privileges" but in which they should. I was told this has not always been like this but they found a way to fix it by going to every computer individually and installing some novell client software or something like that. Although they have a fix for the individual computers we want a fix for the server so we do not have to go to every single computer considering its a tech department of 1-3 people depending on the day.

If anyone has had a similar problem or has any idea's or needs more info let me know. I will be around here.

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Can you post the exact error message, perhaps a screenshot?
What protocols are you using on the network?
What OS are the clients?
What OS is the server?

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