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Hi, I made a batch file that allows me to scan through a drive, or directory, and its sub-directories for any files with a word in it that I specify, and it automatically deletes any files with the word I specify in its name.

I'm wondering though, if there is a way to achieve a similar result with registry entries...

Is there a way achievable through a batch file, to search through the windows registry on the computer for registry entries with a specified word in it, and delete it automatically?

I'd use this to clear software off the computer that had not uninstalled properly, or even to remove certain spyware or virus entries, just like I would with the file search batch file.

If you want to know what the batch I made is like, here is the code for it. I simply either search for an exact file name, or I type a word with ** sign's around it to search for files with the word in it:
TITLE "File-Scan-Kill"
Echo: "This will delete all files with the name you specify, from all subdirectories. Run this program from the C: root directory for best results." 
set /p FN= Type the name of the file, including the file extention (example~ file.exe):
>>log.txt DEL /s /F \%FN%
Any Ideas? :rolleyes:

p.s. It would be beneficial if the batch file to search and delete registry entries, had the capability to back up each entry it deletes too, before deleting them.
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