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Search function not finding files that ARE there (really!)

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Hi folks!

I've had at least two (that I can recall) instances recently where the Search for Files or Folders function seems as useless as the pictures on the Denny's menu.

Whilst tweaking sound on a game, I was supposed to copy the revalent .m3d file from one folder to another. Not knowing where the file was, I searched (from the Start bar) for "*.m3d", and no results were found...
Upon poking around in the games' folder, there I found about ten .m3d files, all missed by the search!

Same deal with an exe file I search says no results found, but looking into the folders, I find it's there, smug in it's aparent invisibility! Search can find other exe's, but missed cfd.exe for some reason.

I've tried this by searching in C:
and My Computer.

I have the options enabled to show hidden and system files, could there be a similar option for Search that I haven't enabled?

Running WinXP Homely Ed on a Dell
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Some of these issues were supposed to be corrected in SP1, I wouldn't know personally since I haven't installed it or been overly bothered by the issue.

However there is some coverage and a possible patch for certain aspects of it discussed on this link. Just look under Search > Text

See also...;EN-US;Q309173
Thank ye, Rog

Updated, did the regedit, adjusted settings in the search window to include unknown file extentions...

Still won't seek out m3d files, I guess I won't let it bother me too much either, since I got that part sorted out, (the failure to find a specific exe file did bother me, though).

I as understand it, there must be a filter in place for that file ext (or any) to be included (indexed)in the search, and Microsoft's article urges you to use some other software (not even theirs!) that applies a filter if you want to find that type of file! I must admit it's a bit frustrating to search for something that IS there, but Windows XP doesn't see it.

I think that I prefer the Win98 search tool even though it would sometimes return too many results...if you weren't too specific you'd get something almost every time :p .

OH, well, I'll live with it, but I won't trust it -

Thanks again.
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Originally posted by RT:

I have the options enabled to show hidden and system files, could there be a similar option for Search that I haven't enabled?
There is.
In the Search dialog, under files and folders, there is a "More Advanced options" where you can select to search for hidden and system files.

You may have to adjust your search preferences in order to see these options, but dig around. They are there.
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