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Last nite, when I tried to print anything, my computer crashed and sent message to microsoft. Ran norton and it said I had sdbot.d virus. Followed norton instructions; no "directx.exe" in my registry (they said to remove this). Computer still crashing on print command; can't save favorites; can't use system restore (won't go back further than yesterday); can't go to sophos site to download their program (which is supposed to get rid of). Am now thinking I need to completely wipe and re-install. I am not very good with computers and this is very scary to me. Any suggestions? If I do have to re-do programs I will never use Norton again. It did not automatically detect this and when you want help in removing a virus they want to charge you even more! Cannot believe it. It doesn't seem to delet the virus but cannot figure out what it is doing since re-scans show virus still there. Please someone, take pity, and help me out here. I do not understand the other posts...what is "hijack this". Also, how do these virus things get you? I have not installed anything new in forever. One more thing! I can't use microsoft update either; when I go there it won't download; guess I can't download anything. If I could get restore to work, would that help at all? There is also a message that pops up saying something about a missing .dll and "cannot show picture" . Cannot remember exact wording; am not on infected computer at present. Thanks.
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This is a long shot but try this,

See if you can start the infected computer up in safe mode.

How to start Windows 95/98/Me in Safe mode

How to start Windows XP in Safe mode

Then see if you can log on and download HiJackThis from and unzip it.

If you are successful then click the HiJackThis.exe.

Click Scan.

When it's done the "Scan" button changes to a "Save Log". Save the log file it creates (it should open in Notepad),

Copy and Paste the results here in your post, so someone can determind what all is running in the background.

Note: Do not attempt to fix anything till told too!
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Will try! Just sent myself an email with spybot attached; will try that way as well.
Need HiJack This also if you can.

You can always download HiJack This to a floppy, it is small enough.

The only thing is being able to post the log, with the infected computer, if you can't get it to go on line.

It's off to work for me.

Good luck!
Tried that but too big for floppy. Thanks, Judy
You might try an online virus scan to insure you don't ahve a virus still on your PC>
Spybot Search and Destroy and HighJack This, is two different programs.

I just formatted a floppy. HighJack This only used 322KB. That leaves 1.07 MB free.

Spybot Search and Destroy is to big for a floppy.
Thanks for all your help. I don't know how it got fixed, but it did. The only thing that happened was an automatic download from microsoft that I installed (security fixes). After I booted back up all the problems were gone and the virus was gone too! I have now downloaded spybot and search and destoy. Should I now run them and let you guys tell me if there is anything else I need to do? Thanks, Judy
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