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SD Card files visible but cannot view images on camera or Macbook

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My SD card is showing files both on my camera and on my laptop, however I can only view 77 images out of 150 on both devices. Not sure why this has happened or how to rectify?

Any help would be much appreciated

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I have just ran a recovery on the SD Card and noticed all images are roughly 5mb while the last image that can be viewed of the 77 is 50mb?
Sounds like it might be a corrupted file system or the SD card may be failing. If your laptop is running Windows, try running chkdsk /r to see if Windows might be able to find and repair any file system corruption.
Thank you @SpywareDr for your reply, I only have access to a mac
Just tried this @SpywareDr and still no luck, tried another recovery and was only able to get back one image from the SD card :(.
<grrr> Hate when that happens.

The more important a file is to you, the more backup copies you should have. Not all on one storage device. And, at least one copy somewhere other than where you live. In case of a catastrophe.
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