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SD always default - Switch to HDD (Windows 10)

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I am beyond frustrated.

I had someone build my computer for me, but I guess he didn't know I use photoshop. I didn't tell him. I don't know what else to do. There is hardly ANYTHING on my SD. There are no programs, music, photos, anything that would take-up space. All the space being used is user data, the OS itself, my graphics card, etc. I can take a screenshot using my software that shows where all my storage is being used on my SD.

This computer was designed with a small SD for the OS and an HDD for storing games, apps, programs, etc.

No matter what I do, changing settings, etc. It STILL defaults to the C:// (SD) drive and I am so tired of it. How do I remove everything without corrupting my OS? Is it possible? I have uninstalled and reinstalled after changing settings and manually moving it. It doesn't help.

PLEASE help. The SD is only 60 GBS and now I have only 2GB remaining.
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Some programs ask you where u would like to install to.....some reading here

Also u have the option to clone the 60gig Ssd to a larger Ssd will be a exact copy of your present Ssd
I'm assuming that you meant "SSD" Solid State Drive. "SD" typically means "Standard Definition" in regards to video.

In any case, by default ALL software will install to the C: drive. If you want it to install to another drive, you choose that drive during the installation of the program. Some programs will let you change the path during a standard installation, but sometimes you will need to select "advanced" installation. At some point during the install you will be shown the installation path (ie: C:\\Windows\Programs Files\program x), before clicking "ok" or "next", change the path to the drive that to which you want the program stored (ie: D:\\Program Files\program x).

Keep in mind, that most programs will still put files onto the C: drive as they need to be in the Windows folder for the programs to function.

Also, you should consider a larger SSD. A clean Windows install will run about 40-50GB. And you should have 10-15% of the drive empty for Windows to properly function and manage the swap file. You could install a 120GB as the primary drive, use the 60GB as a workspace for Photoshop, and still use the third HDD as data storage. That would give you a C: drive with enough space to hold all of your software, a fast workspace for Photoshop, and plenty of space to store all of your data/files.
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I'm assuming that you meant "SSD" Solid State Drive. "SD" typically means "Standard Definition" in regards to video............
Okay. Thank you. I was hoping I could just 'move' some files into my D: (HDD) instead of my SD C: drive, but it doesn't seem to be possible. Thank you again. I'll have to invest in a larger SD. :)
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