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& a happy newyear

Ok can someone please tell me how in the #######

do i take a screenshot of say something like my

Security settings so i can send it by E-Mail or put it

on a website now i have been trying to use Paint

i just do not get this i see this all over the net so

please tell me how is this done

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you could try this :

it is only a 45 day trial but it may help you for now
Once you have your screen on ie the certain part you want to take a screen shot of, press Print Screen on your key board. Next go to Start Menu, Programs,Accessories and Locate paint....Once you open paint up then go to Edit/Paste and the screen shot you pressed Print Screen on will appear in your paint program...Once you have pasted it then resize it or cut out what ever you want and save it...If you have a Paint program such as Adobe Photoshop you can do the same there or once you have saved it with Paint Program open it with Adobe ect and edit it to how ever you want then save it as a JPG or GIF for the net...........

AAPlus, you don't say exactly what the problem is you are having with MSPaint.

There are really several stages to the process.

The first is simply capturing the "foreground" window for copy/pasting. You can do this by pressing the alt+Print keys and the image will be placed in the Clipboard.

The second is in saving it in a form other than bmp. You may or may not be able to do this with your MSPaint. Jpeg and gif file types are really needed to compress the image for convenient use. If this is not available in your MSPaint, you can either do the "Fix" here:

OR, much preferable I think, use the free Irfanview which also has a very effective "capture" utility:

Once you have the image saved it needs to be uploaded to a url in most cases. On this site you can use the "attach file" option, but in most other cases you will need a webhost. One I've seen recommended ( I can't recommend the one I use unless you have an ftp program installed), is Boomspeed:

Once you get that far, it is just a case of knowing the correct html or bulletin board code for posting an image.

Sending by email can be done by sending the url. But there are other methods which vary with the email used. Outlook Express users would have to advise you there.
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Hello, All

I like to say Happy newyear to all of you & thanks for all your help

& Replys

Hey, Rog

Thanks for the help & Link i just downloaded it

& will give it a Run

to all of you Happy Newyear

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