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Screen Resolution / Video Driver ?

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Hi everyone,
Just yesterday a strange thing happened to my computer. My computer was on but my monitor had gone into standby mode because it could not detect a signal. After turning it off and then on again it came back on but the resolution was not at what it should be (1680 x 1050 widescreen).
I'm running Vista, so I went into the display settings and discovered that the maximum resolution I could set was too small (cant remember what it was exactly) and made everything on my screen jumbo sized.
So I did a bit of googling and discovered that the video driver could be to blame, so I uninstalled my NVIDIA and re-started the computer and was able to put my resolution back to my normal 1680 x 1050. Problem now is I cant do much in the way of graphics / video which is really annoying. I need to have the video driver but I also want my normal resolution!! I have tried downloading the latest driver made for Vista from the NVIDIA site but this still does the same thing.

Any suggestions?
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Go to then drivers and downloads and just download the correct driver for your card, install and there you have it :) Post back if you are having any trouble.
I have tried downloading the latest driver made for Vista from the NVIDIA site but this still does the same thing.

I've already tried that :(

Everytime I start my computer up now I have to change my resolution to what it should be and Vista keeps telling me I need to download the video driver.. but I know that if I do it will screw my resolution up ..
How is the monitor connected to the card. What cable type DVI or VGA?
The cable type is DVI-D :up:

Now, I have no idea why and I'm not sure anyone else does yet but some monitors will not work using DVI. If you try with a VGA cable it will most likely work straight away! :)

Give it a try
It had been working fine with that cable for a couple of months just up until the other day.. are you sure it's the cable? 'Cause I'll go buy one if they're not too pricey and try it (I'm a bit of a poor student :( )
it is just any DVI that won't work...... you will need a VGA cable (try to borrow one first to check) and from all the posts I have seen this in an tried to help resole I have never found a fix... :(
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