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screen data capture

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Hi, does anyone know of an easy way to get a screen shot which includes the mouse pointer...i'm usng the printscrn options and also a package called printkey to no avail....i need to get some shots of mouse pointers from Excel...

Help would be much appreciated on this....

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I use ScreenHunter. You can download it I use the free version, and really enjoy it.
Do you have by any chance a copy of Lotus Smart Suite? It has one nice little utility to not only capture stationery screen shots but a movie like clip. That will also include your mouse pointer, clicks, etc.
Don't know about Printkey as I updated to PrintKey Pro. It has an option in the "OPTIONS" menu to "Show Cursor". This will not show the mouse but you can place the cursor wherever you want it
** OR **
highlight a string and PKPro will show it.
thanks to all for your help, I managed to get the download suggested and that works great,


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