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Screen and Mouse Control

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I am using a All-in--One desktop with a remote mouse and keyboard. I boot up my desktop this morning like l always do before. I notice that there is one horizontal line across my screen. I turn on my remote mouse, infra-red transmitter is working but no cursor shown on the screen. (needless to say i cannot operate my mouse). I tried to press a key in my keyboard, there is a respond sound ( i assume the keyboard is working fine)

A while later, my mouse cursor showed up but freeze in place. A little while later, the horizontal line is gone and my mouse now works perfectly. I do not know what the issue was. i checked my graphic card driver and all was already updated.

I run in the command prompt: SFC/Scannow and DISM Scan, everything seems fine. i have never encounter something like this before.

Will appreciate some advise to prevent future occurrance. Thank you very much
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All-in--One desktop
It would help if you posted the brand and exact model.
Hi, and welcome to TSG.

It would help if you posted the brand and exact model.
And exactly what version of Windows (or other operating system) is running the computer.

I notice that there is one horizontal line across my screen.
Is the screen completely black with a line across it or is the line over a full screen of video?
The model of my AIO is as follows
Acer Aspire C27-1655 Windows 10

A horizontal line across my desktop page. It hangs, no response from mouse or keyboard

It flickers at times.. I have already reinstall my graphic cards
I have already reinstall my graphic cards
I don't think you mean that. An AIO is like a laptop and has a graphics chip soldered to the motherboard. You probably reinstalled a driver.

2GB Nvidia GeForce MX330/Intel Iris Xe Graphics NA


Do you have Intel and Nvidia? I ask becaue 2 drivers are given.
Yes. is the driver. Pardon my ignorant. I am not very IT Savvy. Yes there are 2


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Thank you for the helpful screenshot. Your screenshot of Device Manager shows us there is no problem with either video driver.

If the line keeps appearing, then it might be a problem with the display. I don't know anything about replacing a display in an AIO unit.
It would be nice if the computer came with a way to plug in a 2nd monitor but most AIO don't have any way to do this. If you can find a port to plug in a 2nd display, you would troubleshoot by seeing if the 2nd display had a line appearing.
It would be nice if the computer came with a way to plug in a 2nd monitor but most AIO don't have any way to do this.
The Aspire C27-1655 mentioned in post #4, does have an HDMI output according to the specs on the Acer website. Mirroring the built-in screen to the external monitor should work as a quick check.
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Thanks Chuck! I had eye surgery on Tuesday so I'm not reading well.
Your welcome Liz. I know where you are coming from. I've had four eye surgeries in the last eight years and still stabilizing from the last one in July.
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Thank you so much guys for all your inputs. I have ask the engineer to come and repair it for me. He did some troubleshooting and ask me to monitor the situation. Apparently the same fault happened again yesterday.

It is frustrated as this is a new AIO i purchase 2 months has been going me problems since. I intend to ask for a refund. Anyone can recommend a good Desktop or AIO?

Btw i do not know if Acer is a good pc to begin with
Having been a PC repair technician in a previous life, I saw way too many Acer computers for me to recommend them to anyone. They are at the top of my list of computers to avoid when anyone asks me. Now, this was many moons ago, but since Acer is the parent company of not only Gateway, but also Packard Bell, I believe that speaks volumes ...

I know a many people are going to come back and defend Acer (I have one and it works great! I've had no problems with mine! Blah, blah), I can only speak from my experience. I wouldn't own one and would not recommend one.

Just one man's humble opinion.
Truthfully, I avoid AIO computers. They are like laptops. If the graphics goes out, you have no computer.
My first computer was an IBM all-in-one. We are talking around 1987 here. If you are old enough to have lived when tv sets had tubes. then you know what happens when the horizontal or the vertical hold goes out. You have a thin line going across or down the screen. My screen lost one of them so I had a thin line going across the screen where the picture compressed. IBM had proprietary fasteners so you could not open the computer. We knew some people who worked for IBM but they were not in a position to have been given the tool we needed. I ended up dropping the computer and all the manuals which came in cloth bound notebooks with dust cover cases, at a school which was attempting to repair computers. I figured they might have access to the correct tools.
No IBMs nor Lenovos for me. But you might have a much better experience.

Look at lists for best desktop computers of 2021 if that's what you want. Then start reading reviews.

eMachines is also owned by Acer. I am currently on an eMachine purchased in 2009. We own two Acer netbooks 2011 and 2013 used daily and I recently purchased an Acer chromebook. No problems with any of these so far.
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