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Hello there

I'm going to help a public school in setting up a wireless network with shared internet business connection.

I'm an advanced computer user, but a my networking knowledge is limited to Home Office use ..
This network is gonna be much bigger than the ones i set up before.

im attaching an approximate drawing of the structure, and any more details are ready when asked.

What i want to know is what's the best way to do this, and the hardware is not a problem, they want a reliable network. So whatever it takes is possible.

There are two parts in the building that are far away from each other,
what i was thinking is to put one router on each side and connect the two routers with a twisted pair cable, but the distance is gonna be around 150 meters , so im not sure if a 150m length cable is gonna do it, Will i need to install a bridge half the way or not ?

Each router is gonna be connected to two access points, one on the right, and the other on the left. The access points will be connected to the router by a cable too.
Then the access points will distribute the connection to the computers around it.

Is that a good choice ?
Can i connect the access points to the routers using wireless ?
What will be the range of the access point and can it span two floors?
I was planning to use the business series from Linksys, the new Wireless-N. Is it a good choice or can you suggest a better one.

I'll be doing this for free for the school, 1 to help them because the labour is expensive, 2 to earn experience in networking.

Thank you all for any help,


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Fiber is cheap. Don't use a repeater.

For your 150m run, have a contractor install 4 strand of tight buffer OFNR 50 micron multimode fiber. Terminate with LC or SC ends.

Purchase a firewall. [A Sonicwall at least, or a Cisco PIX/ASA]
Purchase two switches that use 100FX or 1000FX ports.

Connect your switches with fiber, firewall to switch closest to it, and access-point's to the switches.

If you want Cisco, I can get you Cisco part numbers. Otherwise Dell, HP, or just about anybody can sell you a solution that will do that for under $10k. [including the fiber]
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