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When I scan a text doc to my email it prints out part of it mixed with goobly-**** that is unreadable......what do I need to do or not do to correct this. Have HP 5100 series and Win98

Also what does twain mean? What is one doing when one is twaining?

Thx in advance:confused:
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TWAIN stands for Technology Without An Interesting Name. It is the interface with imaging devices like scanners and digital cameras so they are standardized. The only time you need be concerned with it is if your scanner stops working.

You are probably experiencing problems with your OCR. A page of text you scan is just a photo to the computer. Most scanners come with optical character recognition software (OCR) that will scan the photo and try to extract editable text from it.

HP scanners usually integrate the OCR and automatically convert when you select the output type to “Text”. This will work nearly perfectly with a plain page of text like a letter, but images and especially line graphics will throw older bundled OCR versions for a loop. The gobeldy-**** you are getting is probably from the OCR not being able to translate symbols.

You could buy the newest OmniPage Pro 11 OCR which will integrate with your HP. It is excellent at sorting out what does and does not get translated. Unless the price can be justified by using it for business or scanning a lot of text, it is a pricey fix.

Your best bet would probably be to scan the offending pages as grayscale or color and save the file as a JPG, which is compressed and appropriate for e-mail. Then just attach the file to your e-mail. Use about 150 DPI or the file and image will still be large.
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Thank you.....will try your advice......the page I was scanning to email was just plain text but it still did not come thru properly.:rolleyes:
See "A few scanning tips"
Thank you........ while I found that link helpful for other questions on scanning I could not locate the problem of having text transferring without gibberish when I scan to my email (Eudora)
Any thoughts are appreciated.
Thank you:rolleyes:
Your welcome

Maybe it's like slipe said and you need o update.
I don't have a scanner so I never get goobly-****. :D
Scan it to a file as text and then open it with your word processor. If it is still gibberish you are not able to scan that particular document with OCR. It could be something like an unusual font or poor print quality. Even something printed on color paper can throw off some older OCR.

If it comes out a clean text document, you might consider copy/pasting from your word processor to Eudora until you get it sorted out.

If it is still contains gibberish when sent to your word processor, then your OCR just isn’t up to the task. You can post questions forever, but the answer is going to be that you need better software or cleaner text to scan. If it a clean text document when opened in your word processor then someone familiar with Eudora might be able to help with the interface.

If it still contains gibberish in your word processor you will have to scan that particular document as something other than text and attach the resulting file.
Thank you, I will try a couple of your suggestions and hopefully one will work.
The first time I used an OCR programme I got gibberish - then I found out you must scan at a resolution of 300dpi or even 400dpi if your text is very small. I have no trouble at all now with very few corrections needing to be made in the finished doc. Hope this helps.
Thank you Lynn, I will try that.:rolleyes:
Let us know if Lyn Patterson’s suggestion works. Many OCR programs will not accept scans above 300 DPI, but you should try whatever maximum it will take.
I set at 300dpi and sent to my email.......nothing showed up on the email, just a blank page (sent one to myself)
Then I scanned at 300dpi to Word and then sent to my email as an attachement and there were only a few strange was at least readable.
I tried correcting the odd symbols while it was in Word and though it would show up correctly on my screen when I emailed it out the odd symbols returned. When I printed it out the corrections were still there.........ah, the mysterious workings of my dear computer.
My goal has been to get the scanner to substitute for fax capabilities via email.
When I install the fax program from my 98 CD it seems to mess other things up so I thought this might be a solution......if you don't demand perfection I guess it is.
Perhaps you don’t have MS Fax set up right:

Free fax capable software you might try:

You don’t have to OCR to send something as e-mail. Scan in B & W at 300 dpi if you have just text and grayscale if there are images. You could even do color at 150 DPI. Start out in PrecisionScan and have it save the file as a jpg or jpeg. Those files are compressed so you have a small file to send. Open your e-mail program like Outlook Express and Insert>File attachment in the outgoing mail message. The person who receives it will get better quality than a fax from a fax machine. A fax is a raster image as well so the text can’t be edited anyway.

Your scanner isn’t the newest and the OCR software not the latest. It is normal to have to make corrections with older OCR. I have no idea why the corrected version isn’t showing up in your fax instead of the uncorrected, but I can assure you it is the way your are saving or transferring the file after you correct it.
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