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Scanning & Printing from old B & W negative

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Is it possible to scan an old B & W negative and print it out in normal B & W colors? If so, how? TIA.
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It can be done but your results will depend on what type of scanner you have and what graphics programs you have.
Plan to spend some time and go through some trial & error to get the finished product just right.
After your initial scan I suggest you work with copies of the original scan so you can always try again.
Tell us more about your hardware/software.
I have never used it but my scanner has a transparency adapter and frame holders for scanning negatives.

The manual says this:
When scanning transparencies or photo negatives, it is necessary to use the
transparency adapter included with your scanner. The adapter changes the light source
for scanning from inside the scanner to the lid.

It also has frame holders for the negatives and the manual offers these tips:
Make sure the film is properly loaded into the frame holder and the frame holder is correctly positioned on the scanner glass.

Make sure you adjust the SOURCE in the TWAIN window to the appropriate TRANSPARENCY or NEGATIVE setting.

Since photo negatives and slides are almost always enlarged, make sure you use a higher scanning resolution – for example, 600 dpi

hope that helped some :confused:

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Yes it helps.
It appears you have the hardware you need but where do you stand with software? Any chance you have Photoshop, Paintshop or another full feature image editing software?
If what software you have supports layers and adjustment layers it will help a lot.
In fact if your software is good enough there's no reason why you can't colorize the B&W.
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