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Scanning document

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I don't' know if this is the right place for this or not, but here goes.

A friend asked me how to copy his "Bowling List of Statistics" off of his scanner.
He was wanting to copy it and use the form on a weekly basis and update it accordingly.
I told him that I didn't know how, but I would find out.

Please feel free to move this post if need be.
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Most scanner software will allow you to scan a document to a file, and "OCR" software will extrapolate the image to the closest thing to words.

I use Scanwise which came with my Agfa scanner, and I can scan something in and send it to Print House, Word, Excel, Clipboard, Mail recipient, as a web image, to the printer, or save it as a file.

If I send it to Word or Excel, then the OCR software kicks in, and allows me to edit words, and manipulate the entire scan.

I think I have demonstarted that it can be done, but the question is more like:

What Scanner does your friend have, and what is the Scanner software and version he is using?
Your guess is as good as mine.

He said that he had picked it up "somewhere down the road"

I'll e-mail this post to him and see what happens.

Later! Thanx!!!
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