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Need some help on selecting the best scanner software for scanning legal text from books which have many footnotes and most of the time one page will be divided into two columns with footnotes at bottom of each column. Like a newspaper with footnotes.

I have and Epson Stylus CX3200 printer, fax, copier and scanner. Tried using their software, to no avail. Tried using Textbridge, it was a little better but when it comes to the footnotes it does not know what to do with them.

I guess what I am asking for is the best software out there that can give me exactly the same thing that I am looking at in the book.

Any suggestions?

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On the off chance that you come back and see this, my opinion is that it depends on what you need.

You indicate that you are trying to use OCR (optical character recognition) software. But I'm wondering if you need to have this info in a word processing format or a simple "snapshot" of the info would suffice...?

OCR apps are notorious for not liking newspaper type input...I used Omnipage a year or so ago for lists of names in a large industry address book and it seemed to work pretty well.

Again, depends on what exactly you need.

I am trying to scan it and then put in into WordPerfect Suite 8, and most of the time it is all garbled. Some info here and some info there, but never in the right order. I really need to purchase a software that can put the scanned information into WP8 and make it look like a picture of it was put there. Any suggestions?
If you do not need to edit the page you can use a simple Image Editing program in stead of an OCR.
It will give you an exact "picture" of the page you need. It is not trying to read and then reproduce what it reads, so it will not get anything wrong or garbled.
I personally use PaintShopPro which ties into my scanner directly, bypassing the original software that came with the scanner. It is very simple to use.
Sorry, but I'll get it right eventually. Yes Longhair, I do need it to edit the document once it is in WP8. That is my mission to get a photographic-like copy of the document into WP8 and then edit the heck out of it. Any other suggestions?
The only way you can edit the document after scanning is with OCR software. I have not found one that I would call great......or even good for that matter. You might try a search for OCR software and see what you get.
As I mentioned in my post of 04/04, I used OmniPage a year or so ago with a very complex address list. It handled the columns, etc., with minimum errors.

Please note, though, that you will rarely, if ever, get a true "snapshot", consider yourself lucky if you can get it anywhere close to error-free. OCR depends so much on the quality of the document you are scanning and the quality of the OCR engine...

Any OCR software depends heavily on the qua;ity of the text being scanned, as well as the font used... the simpler and bolder the font, the better.

The OCR programs included with most scanners are not very good. For better results, you need to PURCHASE a high-end OCR program... you get what you pay for.
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