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Scanner problem...please help

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I tried to install 2 different working scanners in my sisters's PC. They both work at my friend's house. Anyway, after installing them, everything seemed fine until I tried to work the scanner w/ the software. It doesnt detect the scanner.

Here's the message:

Scanner is not found! Please check the following:
(1) LPT port (SPP/EPP) is enabled.
(2) Power adapter is plugged in the scanner connector.
(3) Parallel port cable is plugged into the LPT port.

It comes up fine in the device manager though. Also another thing, the PC tends to lock up more after plugging the scanner.

Please help here...

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Howdy there KrzyPrk...

Can you provide some more info, like the make and model of the scanner, and the OS that is being used ?
We'll need to know some stuff first, like the specifications of the PC that won't recognise it (ie processor, memory etc). What OS does it use? What make of scanner and is it USB or Parrallel?
It all helps..

wow..that was quick...thanks guys

Its a USB PrimaScan 2400u. Running Windows 2000. AMD 1.2Gig processor, Asus A7M266 mobo w/ 256MB Crucial DDR memory.

I hope this helps
Hmmm ok then... obvious stuff first..
Does the scanner show up in System Properties Device Manager under Imaging Devise? Is there an exclamation mark or red cross through it?
What about the usb.. does that show correctly? Is the usb actually enabled in the bios (have you used a usb device on that machine prior to this?)
Are you using the correct drivers? A driver that works on a different OS to 2000 will probably not work.
Thats just one or two things to ponder to start with...then I'll join you in the head scratching!!

First make sure you have the right driver installed:
I got it to work. I had to use some other software where I can configure the selection of the scanner. It was somehow defaulted to this old scanner which wouldnt work w/ Win2k.

thanks again guys
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