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scan disk/defrag

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i use windows 98 SE.i can not run Scan Disk or defrag.have had the computer(2nd hand)since March'01and not been able to do these.i close all programmes down,as necessary,but always get the message 'you have not enough memory to continue'
i have just up-graded to 384Mb memory so am puzzled.
i need to run these as i have 'errors',and'corrupted files' on Drive C.(found when running full test on computer)
i have a 900Mhz AMD Duron processor.
how do i get them to run?
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Ronley when you say you close all programs ... do you mean you shut them down so they are not appearing in Alt_Ctrl_Del.

There should not be anything showing there except Explorer & systray. Also if you have a screensaver you have to disable it...

Hope that will help you ... also you probably have far too many items in startup eating up your resources( different from RAM memory)

Savvy :)
Welcome to TSG!
Savvy is correct in saying you may have to many programs running in background to complete a successful Scandisc or defrag. Try running both the utilities in safemode which will eliminate all of the startup programs. Before you do that though
Delete all your temp files and pull back your history kept in IE to 1 day.
Keep us posted with your progress.
Thanks Dave

I never did it that way so was unsure exactly what to say..

Savvy :)
The Out of Memory errors are caused because your cluster size is invalid in relation to your partition size. This is generally caused by using a ghost-like utility to copy a smaller drive onto a larger one.

You need to use a program like Partition Magic to correct it, or recreate and recopy the partition.;EN-US;q229154"out+of+memory"
davey is right. Safemode has always helped me dfrag. If you don't know how to get into Safemode all you have to do is restart you computer and while it is booting up keep tapping the F8 key. This will bring up a dos looking screen that will let you restart in Safemode. When you do this, the screen will look different so don't freak out. Your mouse will still work but the screen will look different and the computer will be running without all the clutter in the background that you never know is there. If you have a very large drive I would defrag before going to bed and it should be done in the morning when you get up. Also to get back into the regular Windows mode just restart the computer. Hope this is of some help. I am no pro but I have done this before.
Read the ScanDisk and Defrag Bible I posted here.
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