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scan disk and defrag

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cant get either to run.....scan disk says I have another program running (and I can't find it) while defrag just never starts...(either does scan disk..They both seem to but never "kick in" and actually do anything....ANy help?
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Hi thethe100,have you end tasked everything running prior to try to defrag and running scandisk?just press Ctrl ,Alt and then delete,and end task everything except Explorer and systray.Now try and run scandisk then defrag.If that doesnt work you can run both of them in safe mode.

Also, disable your screensaver if you're running one.


Read the ScanDisk and Defrag Bible here.
Sometimes it works to run both of them in Safe Mode. That way, nothing will be running to interfere with them.

Look at this

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Send an email to this site and you will get info on how to keep your hard drive clean.

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