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Satellite Radio

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Does anyone have Satellite radio ?

If so, how is it ?

Are there any Cons to it, besides the cost ?
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My dad's boss has XM Satellite Radio...the sound is so clear, I loved it.
Without at least a half dozen free channels it won't fly.

Until they sell a lot of radios they won't have enough customers to sell pay channels to, and they'll run out of money. Free channels would get those radios moving.
As they near one million subscribers on XM, I don't think they're too worried about money. :)

I have XM and it's pretty sweet -- of course, it drops out when you're in a tunnel. Also, it's a problem down Main Street here in Pennsylvania when you have buildings blocking your view to the south sky... Still, I'm very to glad to have it. I'm always listening to either "90s on 9" (ch9) or "The David Lawrence Show" (ch130), which is all computer talk. Keeps me occupied very nicely during my long drives. :)
TG, what's the difference between XM and Sirius (besides $2.95 a month).

I was told Sirius has no commercials or a few commercials, but XM has more. Or one has more 'commercial free' stations than the other one.

As long as I can get Jim Rome, and Dan Patrick on ESPN Radio, I'll be pretty happy....
You're quite right -- Sirius as more commercial-free channels. However, as long as I can get "90s" and other popular music commercial-free, I'm pretty happy... and the channels with commercials have 5 minutes/hour (which is much less than FM). Actually, commercial-free wasn't even a reason I bought XM to begin with... I just hate changing FM stations and wanted something more interesting to listen to. :)

The major reason I went with XM is the same reason a lot of people went with VHS over Betamax -- I don't think Sirius is going to make it. Of course, this is going to bring all kinds of arguments from the Sirius owners, but it's only my personal opinion. In the end, whenever that might be, I don't think both will survive. And, as of August 2003, Sirius is reporting 105,186 subscribers while XM was reporting 692,000 in June! They're now starting their "million subscribers" ad compaign. Also, since XM was out of the door first, I understand that they have some exclusive channels that Sirius doesn't -- none of which I listen to. I think they include stuff like CNN and Nascar, but you better double-check that. For me, the other real kicker is that Sirius (at least when I bought my XM) didn't have any tech channel! And, you know me, I need my tech channel. That's what XM ch130 is all about. :)
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I need to find a long-haul truck driver's website, I'm told a ton of truckers use it.
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