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SATA Hard Drive

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Hi there

I am thinking of getting new HD as the one i have is getting filled up too quickly.

The drive i have at the moment is "WDC WD800AB-00CBA1" which is an IDE drive and was thinking of getting a SATA drive as was advised by someone.

my motherboard is:

and says is is ok for SATA connectors.

The connector for the power cable is differant on the SATA drive and looks like i will need an adapted which i have a link below.

Is This correct?

I have a cable that i got with my motherboard which is red and has the following "Serial ATA 26AWG LIAN PENG" on the side which looks like the data cable for the SATA drive.

Also should i have any problems with the amount of HD space as some people can only see 137GB or less and if i get a bigger drive than that will i be able to see it all as i have Windows XP Pro with SP2 installed (or will install with the new drive alone)
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With WinXP SP2 and your motherboard you should have no problem seeing the full capacity. However remember that when you buy an advertised 200Gb it will actually show up as a smaller drive because of the difference in figuring a Gigabyte between the advertizing department and what Windows will read as a Gigabyte. THe difference will not be too great though.

Also it appears that the Sata controller on that board will support Sata and not Sata2. THerefore you woul need to set the jumper on your new sata drive to force Sata1 if it is a Sata 2 DRIVE. I have had to do the same on my Gigabyte sytem. also if you purchase a retail drive instead of an OEM drive it should come with the Data cable and possibly a power connector adapter.
They are basically the same jumpers. If you do not get any installation instructions with the drives I suggest going to the drive manufacturers website and downloading the instructions. Also the data cable you have should work. My Gigabyte board came with all of these cables as well. IF your power supply does not have the Sata power connector then an adapter such as the one you linked to would work. If you give us the model and manufacturer of the drive you plan to purchase we could help see if the Sata2 jumper even exists on it.
If that is the drive you buy then you will not need to configure the jumper.
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