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SATA hard disk controller

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Dear friends,

recently, I have some problems with a new hard disk I bought (SATA). I thought that my mobo had a sata controller but it did not. So, I bought a new PCI card and I connected my hard disk to it. Everything was fine but after a week some errors appeared and when my PC started it showed that it could not recognize the hard disk.
Then I thought it might be the controller and I replaced it with another one (different brand). Again things were fine for 2-3 weeks when sometime - again - during startup, my PC could not recognize the hard disk (showing the same errors).
The status now is that sometimes it recognizes the hard disk and sometimes not. This is very annoying !
Do you have any ideas what might be wrong ? Is it possible the second PCI SATA controller card being defective ?
Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Paynesmanor said:
Perhaps its your IDE Cable, Check to see that its plugged in securely, (That the cables are out of the way, and not getting hot or stuff).
What IDE?

This is SATA, using a narrow SATA cable.... not known for blocking airflow like PATA

I would be starting to look to the HDD as a problem, check the airflow around it, leave the side off the case.
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