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HI ,
I have recently swapped out my Gainward nVidia 7900GS 256MB card for the Sapphire ATI HD 3850 512MB.

To be honest that the new card isnt out performing the nVidia 7900GS.
i had installed this HD 3870 and its supposed to be about 2 times better .
i read all the reviews ETC before bying the card and i am not seeing the performance increase at all ..
i play team fortress 2 , and i run the game at 1440x900 with everything on high and without any AA or AF and the bloom set to none .i am getting about 45 FPS on an average-

i had the same settings with the old nVidia card and got around the same FPS with much better quality in colors , there were a few jagged edges but i could live with that .

I have the reccomended PSU to run the new card .
Zalman PowerSupply - 460W ZM460-APS (20dB)
I have Corsair 3GB Ram @ 667Mhz
SoundBlaster AUdigy NX2 External 24Bit sound card
Vista Premium - running fast and clean .
LG Widescreen 19'' 2000:1 contrast @ 5Ms .1440x900 ,32 bit, 60Hz Refresh rate
cooling is ok in my case , but the card may be a bit on the warm side . when at idle it's around 55 c .when gaming i dont know what the temps are since i dont have or cannot find a temp utility to check the temp while playing or just after .
its not over clocked and my machine generally runs fine .

anyone have any tips or suggestions about getting more performance out of this card .
link to the card i have

im a bit sad about the purchase of this card since it isnt cheap and i was expecting more .
so far this is the first ATI card i ahve had in severaal years , once i started buying nVidia cards i thought they were a much better investment , but this ATI card was getting reviews to be as good as some of the nVidia cards at a much much lower price , well i guess i payed the price on this 1 , didnt I ..!!!

thanks for the help or replies .
Cheers T

oh yeah i might add all my windows system is up to date as the graphics card as well with all the latest drivers and clean !!
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