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Samsung sme-2220n help

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Hi guys, I need help with factory resetting a Samsung sme 2220n to factory settings I bought this from a friend and trying to hook my cameras to it, but it gives me an option of admin and Devon(the person I got it from) on the dvr. He doesn't remember his password, and ive tried all options for the admin log in I can think of (1234,4321) I don't have the remote to this. Any help would be appreciated!
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For those reading this, the "device" is an 8 channel surveillance system.

This information is 12 years old so I'm not sure how accurate it is but it is for this model.
1. To do a hard reset, you have to use the remote.
2. You have to press these buttons fast: press "Monitor" / "Menu" / "4" / "6"
3. After the password is reset, press "6" and "6" .
4. Then power off then power on the system and the password will be 4321.

If that doesn't work, go here
this has additional info at step 2 it says to also choose DVR then "14" / "16"
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