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Runtime Error and Microsoft Visual C++

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I'll try to make a long story short.

I don't know why, but i started to received this annoying message that appears when it wants in my PC.

Runtime Error 216 at 0000A391

I click ok, and it disappear. (but it always come back)
I went to internet to look for some help, and i found out that this could be some kind of Trojan (?virus?), so i did a Live Update in my Norton and scanned my computer, but nothing was found as usually.
Once again i looked for somethis in internet, and i found a "RUNTIME ERROR DETECTION" tool from Parasoft, the Insure++ (which i read only good things about).
I downloaded it and while installing it i received a different message:
Insure++ installation could not complete, because Microsoft Visual C++ is not installed.

Now, what should i do? Where can i download this Microsoft Visual C++? Is there a way to get rid of the Runtime error message??

Thank you
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you might also go to this site-
let them run free scan for virus

Also, download freeware Spybot Search & Destroy at

after installing, go back to website to update; then run on your system and delete all spyware files detected.

Finally, unless you are writing programs, you do not need C++
if you do need, believe you'll have to purchase.
Ok, i did the scan on for viruses, and it found some things (DonkeyBacteria, i use emule), but they were Uncleanable, or something like this. It didn't helped much :(
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