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Running Maintainence Tasks

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I was wondering if it is possible to create a timetable of automated maintainence tasks to run through the night when I'm not using my PC. I would like my anti-virus and clock updated using AVG and Atomic Clock Sync and a Full AVG Scan, Disk Cleanup, ScanDisk and Defrag ran.
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You can schedule all of these using schedule tasks, though the AVG is best scheduled using it's own scheduler

Go to Double-click Add Scheduled Task to start the Scheduled Task Wizard, and then click Next in the first dialog box.
The next dialog box displays a list of programs that are installed on your computer, either as part of the Windows XP operating system, or as a result of software installation.

Use one of the following procedures:
If the program that you want to run is listed, click the program, and then click Next.
If you want to run a program, script, or document that is not listed, click Browse, click the folder and file that you want to schedule, and then click Open.
Type a name for the task, and then choose one of the following options:
One time only
When my computer starts (before a user logs on)
When I log on (only after the current user logs on)

Click Next, specify the information about the day and time to run the task, and then click Next.

Note that the information about the day and time to run the task vary depending on the selection that you made in the previous wizard dialog box. For example, if you chose Weekly, you must indicate the day of the week, the time, and if the task should run every week, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, and so on.
Type the name and password of the user who is associated with this task. Make sure that you choose a user with sufficient permissions to run the program. By default, the wizard selects the name of the user who is currently logged on.
Click Next, and then click Finish after you verify the choices that you have made.

For the following applications browse for:

Time synchronisation,w32time
Checkdisk chkdsk
Defrag defrag
Disk Clean up Cleanmgr
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You're possibly thinking of dfrg.msc which is the GUI, but by choosing defrag.exe you overcome that
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