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Running audio to iPhone via studio interface

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Hello! I hope I came to the right place. I need some step by step guidance on this. I’ll be as thorough as I can be.

I have a keyboard.
It is ran into a studio interface via midi cable.
The interface runs into a MacBook Pro.
I use Logic Studio to process the keyboard
The audio is sent out through the computer auxiliary port.
I run auxiliary cable from computer to video source (iPhone, external camera, etc)

I am using a TRRS cable from the computer to the video source, but I’m not getting ANY audio to the video source. I don’t know what to do since I’m using TRRS cable and everything is coming from computer.
Thanks in advance!!
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Hiya and welcome to TSG :)

I'm not sure if you'll get more response in the Mac section here, as it looks like it may be related. If so, I can move it there so you can hopefully get the help.

One thing I will ask, as its Logic Studio, and that is discontinued, does the Mac Book Pro specs show that it can work with the Logic Studio specs?

Logic Studio Specs:

MacBook Specs:

Also, does it have the version of QuickTime installed in the MacBook as the Logic?


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