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run as keeps appearing problem

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hi: so my run as appears every time I open a new program in Windows XP pro. ie. Microsoft Word, but if I opened a old file *******.doc run as doesn't appear. This start occuring after a blue screen of death. So I guessing some thing got corrupted.

Things I tried
I tried system restore (didn't work)
I tried disabling run as completely, that just led to me not being able to open the files.
Searching the web for solutions. Some people had the same problem, but no solutions were posted.

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Download this zip file and unzip it:

Double click XP_RunAsShortcutFix.exe to run the utility. This utility re-creates the MayChangeDefaultMenu subkey in:

Actually, I already explained it. A registry key was missing, possibly deleted by a registry cleaner, act of God, stray cosmic rays, who knows?

If you look at the key, there will now be a MayChangeDefaultMenu subkey that was not there before. Simple as that, really. :D
OK. Then that was not your problem, I guess. Does your key read (Default): REG_SZ: (value not set) ?

Just as an experiment, try running an app by clicking on the .exe itself instead of a shortcut that leads to it. See if you still get the "Run As..." box. In the properties of the shortcut, click Find Target to go directly to the executable. This will help us determine if it is a shortcut problem.
This looks to be a security issue and this may be too simplistic, but why not try repairing the .exe file association with this:

Possibly there is an added reg key that the fix would remove by repairing the association.
Sometimes it's the simplest things. Thanks for the feedback.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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