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run as keeps appearing problem

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hi: so my run as appears every time I open a new program in Windows XP pro. ie. Microsoft Word, but if I opened a old file *******.doc run as doesn't appear. This start occuring after a blue screen of death. So I guessing some thing got corrupted.

Things I tried
I tried system restore (didn't work)
I tried disabling run as completely, that just led to me not being able to open the files.
Searching the web for solutions. Some people had the same problem, but no solutions were posted.

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Try this:

Then create a new DWORD value named "HideRunAsVerb" without quotes, and assign it a value of 1.
Awesome Elvandil,I'm going to point another one to this post
Have you tried logging on as an administrator,maybe you need to give administrative access to your user account.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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