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Roxio GoBack Deluxe upgrade?

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Can anyone tell me where I can upgrade the personal version of the GoBack that came with NSW2003 professional? I have clicked the link and it comes up as the page could not be displayed. I have gone to Roxio and it seems as if they do not support the program anymore.

If that is the case can anyone recommend a good program that is similar to the GoBack?

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You do not like the XP system restore I guess? or is this not the XP system?
Symantec purchased GoBack from Roxio. Go Here and click on the upgrade link near the center of the page. I recommend getting the CD as opposed to the download. You may need it more than once. Or, if you don't mind paying a little extra, you can do both the download and get the CD.
That link was the information that I needed. Thank you so much.

Jameso321, I have used the system restore in windows xp pro, which I run now, and it always gave me the message that it cannot restore to a certain point even though I have done several installations. Very confusing. GoBack gives me no problem and has said my fanny several times.
Hi again svengal1... You will like the Deluxe version even better than the Personal Edition. Same basic prog, but now you will be able to recover any files you lose with a revert and you will be able to select a specific point to revert to rather than just simple periodic points as with the Personal Edition. :up:
I remember you saying that before in a different post. I just could not find the link to the site. Thank you again.
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