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I am having problems with viewing DVD's in my computer.

Make: HP Compaq (new)
System: Windows XP Pro
Cine Player (preloaded and bundled with Roxio): version 2.2

I've been using Cineplayer to play DVD's for a while now and nothing had gone wrong, it played perfectly but now when I try to play the DVD the image is UPSIDE-DOWN and REVERSED.

A notification pops up saying "A video card overlay necessary for high quality video playback is either not supported by this graphics card. Sonic Cine player will fall back to video playback without the use of an over lay. This may degrade the quality..."

I recently downloaded a free screensaver program but decided to delete it. The Cineplayer problems started at that time.

I tried to view my DVD's using Windows Media Player and I cannot even get any image on that - just sound only.

My color is set to 32-bit. My screen resolution is also set to 1024 x 768.

I have tried restarting my computer with no change.

I am completely stumped. Any help will be appreciated - thanks.
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