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Hi everyone,

I recently changed to a VOIP, and this afternoon was having problems with the audio on the other line fading in and out. I emailed customer support and they sent me this diagnosing the problem:

We recommend that you upgrade your Belkin F5D6321-4 to the latest firmware.
2. Pick up the phone and dial ****110# to determine the IP address of the SPA
3. In the router configuration menu:
1) Click on Firewall
2) Click on Virtual Servers
3) On the first line:
- Check the "Enable" box
- Application: VoicePulse
- External Ports: 5060-5061
- Type: UDP
- Private IP Address: Enter the IP address from Step 2
- Internal Ports: 5060-5061

I determined my IP address, but cannot for the life of me locate my router configuration menu. I even went into Windows Firewall, but saw no virtual server menu. Can anyone give me feedback on what I'm doing wrong? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated-

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You didn't tell us what VoIP supplier you use, or what VoIP adapter you use. For the best service with your VoIP, you put their box in front of the router and use the DMZ function of the VoIP adapter to route traffic to the WAN port of your router. If you connect the VoIP box onto a LAN port of the router, it has to contend with the other users for bandwidth, and you'll sometimes have voice quality issues.

Oh, you access the router configuration screens using IE. If you open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG, you'll see the Default Gateway IP address in the display. Use that in the Address bar of IE with nothing else, and you'll connect to the router configuration screens.
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