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Router issue - Validating Identity ??

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PC running windows XP (SP2).
Sky Router.
Net gear N-300 USB adapter.

Hi all,
Can you please help. I cannot connect my PC to my wireless router. I am using a net gear N-300 adapter. It used to work so I know it's fundamentally ok. But I have recently re-installed windows and since then I can't get it to connect. It finds the router fine but stalls at 'validating identity'. After checking various forums, advice was to unclick the 'enable IEEE 802.1 authentication' box in the router properties. I tried this and when attempting to connect again, a prompt box appeared asking for a 'network key (also called a WEP or WPA key)'. When I enter the router password, the following message appears: .The network password needs to be 40bits or 104bits depending on your configuration. This can be entered as 5 or 13 as I characters or 10 or 26 hexadecimal characters'.
I have also read that WEP needs to be switched to WPA. I have seen this in the router properties (i.e - from Open to WPA), tried this, but then it wont connect at all. Please help.
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Do you have the latest wireless driver installed?

I do not remember if XP SP2 supports WPA. You may have to install SP3 or at least install all SP2 updates.

Why don't you have SP3 installed? Getting all Windows updates is usually the first task after a new install.
Hi Terry,

I haven't downloaded sp3 as can't connect to the Internet.

I do though have a laptop which has no issues connecting to the same route. I have downloaded the latest net gear adaptor drivers on there then uploaded them to the PC via a flash stick. . Is that what you mean regarding wireless drivers?

I'm guessing I can do the same with sp3 ?
Yup, that's how you can do it. And as Terry said, I'm pretty sure that installing SP3 will mitigate most of the issues.
Yes on both your post # 3 questions. I have SP3 on a flash drive from when I was frequently reinstalling XP. Hope one of the links on this page still works.
Thank you so much - SP3 downloaded. Issue fixed :)

Now all i have to do is find and re-install all the other stuff (graphics card, soundcard etc).

All good fun
You're welcome. :)

Most or all the remaining drivers should be on the PC (or motherboard) manufacturer's web site.
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