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Router and Modem shutting off every few hours, scrolling lag

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Hello, ever since I got a new router (kept the same modem) every few hours both would shut off for a few hours.

The names of the router and modem are this..

Router: Netgear (doesn't say anything else)
Modem: Motorola SB5100 SURFBoard Cable Modem

By "shutting off" it doesn't let me connect to the internet, nor any other programs that need the internet to connect. I can connect to Windows Media Player, and stuff like that. When the modem and router are on, the Modem signs are...

Power: Green Online: Green
Recieve: Green PC Activity: Flashes Orange
Send: Green Standby: Black

When it's off...

Power: green Online: Black (not on, basically)
Recieve: green PC activity: Flashes Orange
Send: blinks green ever 3 seconds Standby: Black

The router also gets slow when the modem turns off also.

And lastly, i have a lot of lag when i scroll up and down or move a window, sort of like frame by frame.
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DOes this happen if you connect one computer directly to the modem? That's the first thing I'd test, make sure the modem hasn't died or your ISP is having a problem.

I can't really imagine much that would drop the carrier on the modem from the router end...
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