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Router and Modem shutting off every few hours, scrolling lag

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Hello, ever since I got a new router (kept the same modem) every few hours both would shut off for a few hours.

The names of the router and modem are this..

Router: Netgear (doesn't say anything else)
Modem: Motorola SB5100 SURFBoard Cable Modem

By "shutting off" it doesn't let me connect to the internet, nor any other programs that need the internet to connect. I can connect to Windows Media Player, and stuff like that. When the modem and router are on, the Modem signs are...

Power: Green Online: Green
Recieve: Green PC Activity: Flashes Orange
Send: Green Standby: Black

When it's off...

Power: green Online: Black (not on, basically)
Recieve: green PC activity: Flashes Orange
Send: blinks green ever 3 seconds Standby: Black

The router also gets slow when the modem turns off also.

And lastly, i have a lot of lag when i scroll up and down or move a window, sort of like frame by frame.
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Welcome, Jake55. Good observations on the LEDs!

The Send blinking green means that the modem does not quite have a good enough connection; i.e., the signal to noise ratio is not good enough. If you access the modem ( with your browser you will see a difference between the "good" times and the "bad."

If the modem is old (yeah, John, I am more familiar with age :) ) maybe it is beginning to fail. Call Motorola tech support and see what advice they can give.

Check all your connections from the modem back as far as you can go to the outside of the house. By "check" I really mean to disconnect, clean if necessary, and reconnect securely. The first place to look is the outside connection, which may be rusty or loose.

You can also get in touch with your ISP tech support--especially when the connection is down.
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