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RF Modulator

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I got a DVD-VCR for Christmas, and an RF modulator to go along with it so I could hook it up to my older TV.

My setup is as follows

Outside cable TV source --> RF In on VCR
RF Out on VCR --> Ant In on RF Modulator
To TV on RF Modulator --> TV

It might just be me, but some channels seem granier when I'm watching regular TV, but when I'm watching TV through the VCR, they seem clearer.

Here's the problem though...

Every time I shut off the VCR, my TV screen flashes two or three times with white/black "noise" bands before going back to the regular channel.

I have an even older TV with a similar setup, and it doesn't flicker twice with noise when the VCR is shut off.

Why is it doing this when I shut off the VCR? Is there a problem with the RF Modulator?
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Probably nothing wrong, it is more likely just the older TV AGC reacting to the signal level change when the VCR is shut off, as it will see a momentary loss of signal as the VCR internal modulator goes into "straight bypass mode".

You probably will see some graininess though as there will be a quality loss with recereating the frequency in the modulator.

You are introducing several modulation/demodulation stages in your setup so some quality loss will be evident.
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